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Santa Clarita Valley Sliding Door Repair

Any problem with your sliding door can compromise the security of your home and even cause injuries. This is why you should call a Santa Clarita valley sliding door repair company at the first sign of trouble. A+ Door Repair can immediately send a trained repairman. Simply call us at 818 939 6660 or get in touch via our website.   

Sliding doors are commonly used for balconies, decks, and patios, and they do not block the picturesque view outside. But like everything else in your home, your sliding door may malfunction over time—and it’s best to call a Santa Clarita Valley sliding door repair professional to fix any problems. Here are some of the common issues that need the attention of a repair expert:
1. Misaligned wheels and bent tracks - The wheels that enable the sliding door to glide with ease can move from their tracks, making it hard (or even impossible) to open and close the door. The screws may become loose or may have fallen out over time. A sliding door repair company can replace missing screws or screw them back properly. A lubricant is typically sprayed to improve the gliding movement. Bent tracks may cause rollers to jump off, too. A+ Sliding Glass Door Repair Specialists can hammer them back into place while preventing further damage.
2. Broken or dirty rollers – The rollers can get stuck because of a number of reasons. Perhaps the rollers are too old and are starting to fail after years of use. Dirt, leaves, small stones, and other objects can also obstruct the movement of the door and must be removed. professional technicians can clean and replace bent, cracked, or severely corroded rollers.
3. Broken glass – Did the glass on your sliding door break? Call a Santa Clarita Valley sliding door repair company like A+ Sliding Glass Door Repair Specialists to have it fixed and prevent injuries or security problems at home. Call 818-939-6660 or get in touch with us through this website.
Santa Clarita Valley Sliding Door Repair
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